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    2. Service and support

      Service and support

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      Planck Order Tracking Service

      1) Pre-sales customized services

      ※ customize specific product upon special requirements. 
      ※ engineers will visit the user’s factory to offer on-site service

      2) Exclusive service

      3) Long-term maintenance agreement

      We will provide every user a customized maintenance program to protect the user's production efficiency, while the user of each equipment ordered from us will have the Planck maintenance certificates and a service record label.
      For any emergency or accidental damaging situation, customers will receive timely technical support.

      Your benefits:
      Your machines from Planck will be guaranteed an appropriate and effective use.

      4) long-term maintenance agreement

      ※ exclusive engineer offers equipment on-site operation service;
      ※ reduce the potential losses caused by the equipment break-down period;
      ※ the validity of maintenance contract can be flexible.

      Aim of us and our users:
      To ensure that the machine will run efficiently with our regular and professional low cost maintenance. 

      5) Planck spare parts support

      Planck spare parts inventory:
      ※ From the safety and reliability reasons, we offer our customers original spare parts;
      ※ Stocked spare parts available.
      ※ Quality guaranteed

      6) Emergency support contacts:

      Tel: +86-20-82000401
      Fax: +86-20-82000109
      Company website: www.amk-muzik.com

      Wechat public platform: online technical support 

      7) Technology Assessment

      Technology Assessment – health check-up for your equipment

      Your benefits:
      ※ professional analysis is given based on a reasonable assessment of the customer's equipment using status.
      ※ assessment reports provided, including technical advice and the potential equipment problems.
      ※ experts consultation, to provide solution for improvement.

      8) Professional and technical training

      Professional training for improving the skill of the operator of the equipment.
      2 options for the training:
      1. Customer on-site training
      2. Training in Planck

      9) Remote technical support

      10) Preventive Maintenance

      • Training Scheme 
      • Hotline
      • Remote technical service
      • Engineer specially to VIP customers  
      • Regular visits and information exchanges
      • Free device detection and evaluation 
      • Customized long-term service contracts

      Preventive Maintenance:

      ※ maximize production efficiency
      ※ minimize technical risk

      Concern about customer’s needs

      Planck team sincerely serves for every customer