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    2. Smart factory offers

      Smart Factory’s Solutions

      Smart Factory’s general management solution is special for the field of daily chemicals production and pharmaceuticals production.

      Demonstration for the application of typical washing liquid mixed whole line 

      Smart Factory is not a fantasy any more. We have merged the high technology application into the traditional production. Digital application now has been spread to every corner of the production plant. We can seamlessly track and monitor every step of the production. For the purposes of efficient management, stable quality, smooth and clear production process, and the practical benefit to the investor, as a leading company in this aspect, Planck offers advance automatic and intelligent technology, integrated solutions, and integration service. Besides the standard automatization production solution, and warehousing and logistics solutions, we also offer customized integrated comprehensive service which matches to international standards.

      Smart Factory’s solutions for on-line series:

      ? Live on-site management platform (Java Platform / docking with MES)

      ? Production Management System (.net platform / based ingredients, feeding, production and process control systems)

      ? Canned control system (WiinCC platform)

      ? transfer transport systems (based on electrical, mechanical automation)

      ? recycling system

      ? Logistics traceability system (based on the comprehensive application of RFID automatic sensing, bar code technology, and instrumentation equipment)

      ? equipment control system (based on electrical, mechanical automation)

      ? Servo Control System

      ? Integrated surveillance management system (based on WLAN / Enthernet application)

      ? standardized project management platform