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    2. Qualification

      If you think you are:

      1. honest and bright, easy going with strong communication skills;

      2. working neatly with strong sense of responsibility;

      3. full of passion for life, while with an open learning attitude;

      4. longing for and willing to have an open, equitable, relaxed working environment.


      It will be more desirable if you have:

      1. working experience of similar work in European or American companies, or IT companies, and the approval from your colleagues around;

      2. sincerity that you are willing to join a new venture team, to work with a group of passionate people;

      3. good consideration about our company’s location in Science City, even though the Metro stop is still under construction.


      If you agree with our basic arrangements:

      Good salary;

      Future option arrangement;

      Free and relaxed working environment;

      Five social insurances and one housing fund, working lunches, snacks, birthday welfare, team-fun fund;

      Mobile communication subsidies.