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    2. AES on-line dilution system

      AES on-line dilution system

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      Sometimes it’s really a difficult task to dilute certain types of material, such as AES and other surfactants. How to make the proportion of AES quickly reach 20% -25% with low foaming and less gelling? For the conventional mixing techniques, there are some problems, such as long time-consuming, non-equal mixing, easy to agglomerate, not easy to clean and so on. Planck AES online diluted solution can not only solve the above problems of the conventional mixing technology but also lower down the cost in terms of personnel, cleaning, disposal and energy. This system with all equipment is installed on a common base, completed with internal piping and wiring. It is a compact control system which occupies very little space, while cost very little time for the installation and put into use.

      Core value: Automatic on-line mixing, avoid lots of foaming

      ? - Imported sensors and flow meters, effectively control the ratio of liquid concentration 
      ? - Integrated modular piping and internal circuit design, shorten the equipment installation and commissioning time
      ? - Easy connection for the feeding pipe and the electronic control equipment, shortly after the equipment can be put into production
      ? - with formula function mode, one-key pressed operation and friendly interface
      ? - Germany IKA disperser, high performance, a 360 degree no dead ends design
      ? - dispersion chamber and pipes can be cleaned in situ
      ? - enhance AES ratio quickly reached 20% -25%, less gelling, less foaming
      ? - lower down the costs for personnel, cleaning, disposal and energy 
      ? - casters on the bottom, for fast-moving service as the flexible requirement of the production line


      Technical parameter Model Mixing power(KW) Whole machine power(KW) Ratio Accuracy Machine size(cm)
      Standard capacity(L/H)
      5 PSL-5 7.5 11 ≤1% 145*95*120(L*W*H)
      10 PSL-10 15 22 ≤1% 165*105*130(L*W*H)